The boarding school has 35 beds that are in Single Rooms, Double Rooms and there is even a Triple Room. It is open from 8pm on Sunday evenings to 2pm on Saturdays (until 3pm on days before the holidays). The students that live in the building are followed by a team of tutors that will accompany them during their stay. Particular attention is given to studying in the afternoon hours, to cultural activities including sport related activities that are organized internally. The boarding school’s mission is to make the course of studies easier and to contribute to the personal background.

Entering procedure

The boarding school accommodates and houses students of the “Duca degli Abruzzi” but it guarantees, depending on availability, hospitality to students that attend other high schools in Padua. The application form has to be presented to the headmaster and the coordinator of the boarding school, through the administration office of the school, within the 30th March of every year. According to the procedures all the people will be put on a list that will be published on the notice board within the 30th July of every year.

Entering criteria and priority for new applications:

1 Students that attend the “Duca degli Abruzzi”

2 Distance between home and the school students will attend

3 Age

Entering criteria and priority for students that already live in the dormitory:

• Students that already live in the boarding school have to reconfirm their application

• Students that do not pass the year at school do not have the right to have a place reserved for them but they re-enter the application list

There is a meeting between the student that requires to enter the boarding school, his parents and the tutors.

The students who receive a place in the boarding school will be sent another form to refine the information that is necessary to enter the boarding school.


Registration as a boarder