To guarantee the compulsory education the boarding charges the structure charges cover all the costs the boarding school has to face for the normal completion of the services that are offered daily. The costs of employees  is not a part of the boarding charges that are charged to the students because the state is responsible for that.

The province of Padua is responsible for the costs concerning the actual day-to-day running of the structure. The boarding charges are set by the board of governors every year. In any case they are set before the beginning of the school year and they remain the same through the year.

Boarding charges

The terms of payment

The boarding charge is yearlong and it has to be paid on the bank account of the boarding school, in flat rate quarterly payments on:

    10th September

    10th December

    10th March

Every other form of payment has to be agreed with the administration. In any case of absence from the boarding school (illness, hospitalization, etc.) the student can ask the headmaster by writing a letter for a reduced boarding charge payment.

Boarding charges for the 2011-2012 school year

  1. Single Room

  2. Double Room

  3. Triple Room

• Half-Board

€ 265,00

€ 225,00

€ 195,00

€ 90,00