The boarding school already has a long history behind it because it has known constantly how to adapt to the new requirements of the school  and of young people in general, keeping the original purpose of guaranteeing to young students the schooling attendance.

A reference point

Thanks to the services that are offered, the boarding school helps students complete the compulsory education even if they live far from the city of Padua or they live in place that are not served frequently by public transport.  The boarding school offers a familiar environment so that students  feel confortable during their stay. Students are accompanied whilst studying and they are formed in a cultural and human sense.  In the near future the boarding school will become a reference   “campus” for all the students in the North-East of the country that will attend the High Schools in the schooling hub that is meant to be built near it.

Various offers

Students that choose not to stay in the boarding school can still take advantage of the canteen and the assistance with studying stay until 5pm and they are called Half-Boarders (Semiconvittori). Like boarders they can still take advantage of the recreational places the structure offers and they can take part in trips and other activities that the tutors organize

Looking to the future

At the moment there are about 35 boarders and 40-45 half-boarders. The structure is currently full. Because there is an increasing amount of people that try to get into the boarding school, the province of Padua has already been told that the structure will have to be enlarged in future years.