The building is inside a park that is part of the agricultural school. The park houses many scholastic buildings like the gym, labs and the Boarding house. All of the park covers about 150.000 square meters of land.

The building that houses the boarding house was built in the sixties but it has had important upgrades during recent years. The boarding house has the following rooms:

The structure


On the first floor there is a telephone that students can use free of charge. The are some snack machines and beverage machines that make hot drinks too. All the rooms are on the second floor, in total there are 23 rooms:

12 Single rooms

10 Double rooms

1 Triple room

There are 3 bathrooms and 4 showers.


  1. Entrance,

  2. Reception,

  3. Study rooms,

  4. TV room,

  5. Laundry room,

  6. Tutors office,

  7. Canteen,

  8. Kitchen,

  9. Toilets.


  1. Rooms,

  2. Toilets,

  3. Showers,

  4. Infirmary.